The online teaching solution

for music and art institutions and individuals.

Designed with love for music and arts
and with care for the quality of the online teaching experience.

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Audio-video connection with full stereo sound optimized for music, video up to HD quality.
Independent and secure login system for each. We care about privacy. No ads. No data sharing. No data selling.
Multiple users. Multiple categories. Multiple sessions at the same time possible. Schedule or connect immediately. Create user accounts on your own or ask us do to that for you.
Audio-video connection with full stereo sound optimized for music, video up to HD quality.
Easy management
Administrative panel that makes overviewing easy. Multiple options to choose from according to the customer’s needs.
Dedicated subdomain and a logo banner for each customer. More options possible on request. Additional features possible.
Reliable customer service. We don’t leave our customers alone. We help and support them whenever they need. We listen to their requests, suggestions and wishes.
Our strength lies in understanding the needs of artistic circle and education sector combined with the highest proficiency in software building and experience in running online teaching platforms.
Made for artists by artists. We come from the music circle and we care about it. Every line of code is scripted in-house. No third-party components. We’re independent. We’re flexible. We love what we do and we always go the extra mile to find the best possible fit for the customers.
We’re European. Our servers are in Europe, the data of our customers stays in Europe.

Let’s get more technical

Connections one-on-one and up to three active users
Instant connections and scheduled connections
Two audio tracks (both possible in Full Stereo)
Audio settings: basic and advanced for demanding users
Two video channels (camera and screen-sharing)
Automatic video quality adjustments
Testing your own equipment
Messenger, Contacts, Calendar


We tailor our plans to your needs: to the approximate traffic and the additional features you wish.

We have basic plans for high-profile individuals who want to provide their private students with quality online teaching and full plans for institutions that need online teaching infrastructure for hundreds and thousands of users.

Ask for pricing and more details

Music and arts do not exist without human interaction. Therefore, also when it comes to offering you a service, we care about personal contact with our customers. This way we can get to know your needs, wishes and expectations better and give the best possible offer.