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🖥️🎙️📱 Your professional solution for online music lessons and auditions. For schools, universities or any other artistic institution.
❤️ Designed with love for music and arts and with care for the quality of the online teaching experience.

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Everything we do, we do out of passion and with a sincere love for music and music education. We started with distance learning for music several years back (long before covid) and are leaders in the field of distance learning for music in Europe. Our expertise and experience enable us to constantly develop a better product for musicians. We care about quality and, most importantly, we care about people.



Audio-video connection with full stereo sound optimized for music, video up to HD quality.


100% GDPR compliant. Independent and secure login system for each. We care about privacy. No ads. No data sharing. No data selling. Data protection is king.


Audio-video connection with full stereo sound optimized for music, video up to HD quality. Multiple users. Multiple categories. Multiple sessions at the same time possible. Schedule or connect immediately. Create user accounts on your own or ask us do to that for you.

Competitive pricing

For us it's much more about passion and music education and its propagation than money. Therefore we are always looking for the best price solution for customers but never at the expense of quality or security.

Easy management

Administrative panel that makes overviewing easy. Multiple options to choose from according to the customer’s needs.


Dedicated subdomain and a logo banner for each customer. More options possible on request. Additional features possible.


Reliable customer service. We don’t leave our customers alone. We help and support them whenever they need. We listen to their requests, suggestions and wishes.


Our strength lies in understanding the needs of artistic circle and education sector combined with the highest proficiency in software building and experience in running online teaching platforms.


Made for artists by artists. We come from the music circle and we care about it. Every line of code is scripted in-house. No third-party components. We’re independent. We’re flexible. We love what we do and we always go the extra mile to find the best possible fit for the customers.


We’re European. Our servers are in Europe, the data of our customers stays in Europe.

Let’s get more technical

We deeply care about the audio quality.

High quality audio/video one-on-one and up to 8 users per session. Instant connections and scheduled connections

We work closely with all our customers and respond to every need that may arise.

both possible in Full Stereo and in highest quality with audio settings (basic and advanced for demanding users)

Single Sign On is a very useful feature for many institutions and schools. We are proud members of: DFN (Deutsches Forschungsnetz) and eduGain

We offer an admin panel for the institution to control the user creation.

Easy to use, everything happens under the hood

You can record yourself and listen to how you will sound and look for the other party.

Contact list to easily access of your students and teachers. Calendar to schedule your sessions and messenger to stay in touch with other users

Built-in metronome function

Stream your 1on1 masterclasses to more users

Have your masterclass recorded.

You can bulk import all your students and teachers via the admin panel.



We tailor our plans to your needs: to the approximate traffic and the additional features you wish.

We have basic plans for high-profile individuals who want to provide their private students with quality online teaching and full plans for institutions that need online teaching infrastructure for hundreds and thousands of users.

Ask for pricing and more details

Music and arts do not exist without human interaction. Therefore, also when it comes to offering you a service, we care about personal contact with our customers. This way we can get to know your needs, wishes and expectations better and give the best possible offer.

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